Client: U.S. State Agency 

Goal: Generate an increase in applications by targeting the hard-to-reach renters and homeowners, many in Black and Brown communities. Encourage underrepresented groups to apply for a Tax Rebate program. All renters and homeowners with annual income less than $250k were eligible. 

Approach: Blanket a variety of messaging across 9 BIPOC media outlets via radio, social, newsletters, podcasts, OTT, FB Messenger, and SMS and amplification of the client’s FB Live community conversation.


  • Within week 1, we over-delivered on expected audience by 47%
  • Newsletter open rate was 20% above industry standard 
  • 9 publishers of color funded
  • 1.5m applications submitted
    • 1,300 in-person applications, on the last day of the campaign
  • Audiences reached: Black, Latino, Asian, Immigrant & intersectional