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Our current partners represent a diverse mix of culture, geography, audiences and platforms.

Uplifting Media Organizations

We distribute resources to strengthen our partners’ ability to innovate, grow and be sustainable.

Interested in becoming a partner? Here’s what’s in it for you.


Supplemental Advertising Revenue and Consulting

Revenue share in advertising deals
Ad sales consultation
Ad placement and spec guidance
Assistance with optimizing performance
Assistance with upselling advertising packages
Ad pricing guidance
Business development assistance
Media kit development

Editorial & Content Amplification

Earned media
Automated content sharing
Inclusion of content in URL direct platforms
Editorial calendar
Special reporting collaborations with URL partners
Editorial strategy advising and support

Recruitment & Skills Development

Special rates for recruitment/executive coaching
Free placement of job opening in newsletter
Monthly workshops and networking
Exclusive webinars for Partners
Advocacy for media outlets that focus on serving Black and Brown communities

Frequently Asked Questions

Partner Network
What is the process to join the network and how are potential partners evaluated?

Organizations interested in joining the URL Media network must be interested in working with BIPOC owned (if for profit), or BIPOC led (if not for profit) media. We have an inclusive and thorough review process which includes meetings with interested partners for relationship building and sending a questionnaire to learn more about organizations’ audiences, their business models and how URL can support their greatness needs. Factors to be considered in a determination include whether an organization has established community trust, has a demonstrated history of outreach and engagement to BIPOC communities, the size of the organization’s audience, and the quality of its content.

What is required once a partner joins the network?

Each partner is required to assign point people for regular communication with URL and other partners on editorial, advertising and general administration.

We hold mandatory, monthly meetings with all our partners on the call. Topics and discussions vary from collaboration opportunities, resource and knowledge sharing, and training. We also may schedule meetings with individual partners as necessary to discuss opportunities for advertising campaigns, special reporting projects or inclusion in grants.

Does joining the URL network prevent a partner from other partnership deals?

No, we are a non-exclusive network.

Editorial Collaboration
What is the process for obtaining content from partners?

Our editorial team rounds up top stories from our partners by monitoring feeds of partner content published to their websites and third-party platforms. We then select content to publish in our newsletters, amplify on social media, and curate for the website.

URL also has specific Slack channels for social media, editorial partnerships and newsletter content where our partners can drop content that they would like to be featured on URL channels.

Is partner content always attributed?

Yes, URL clearly attributes publishers in all uses of partner content.

What are the licensing terms for partner content?

Under the terms of the network partner agreement that are valid from the date of execution to the end of the calendar year, partners grant URL a worldwide non-exclusive, non- transferable, free-of-charge license to reproduce, distribute, transmit, modify, and publicly display certain pieces of content created by Partner. URL may also sublicense partner content to other partners in the network.

Advertising & Sponsorships
Do you sell programmatic?

We do have programmatic capabilities, should a deal require those executions. However, we prioritize direct advertising campaigns for URL Media and our partners.

If a partner accepts an opportunity to be included in a deal, what happens next?

Once a deal has closed and URL’s ad team has confirmed the requirements with the client, we will notify all included campaign partners via URL communication channels to share the campaign requirements and client expectations. We will request media plan information from them and send it to the client for approval. Once approved and the contract w/ client is signed, we will create and send Insertion Orders to partners for review and execution prior to the launch of the campaign.

What are the payment terms if a partner is included in a campaign?

Payment terms will be stated on each insertion order sent out for the campaigns.

Do you advertise a link to our website (as opposed to using our content directly)? If so, how will advertising revenue obtained by you work in connection with those links?

At present, we don’t derive revenue from any outside links that we promote on our site; if this changes in the future, we’ll notify any and all partners affected by the change.

Are there discounted rates for recruiting services available?

We provide customized proposals based on the needs of the partner and partners within the URL network receive discounted rates for recruitment services. We offer an introductory 30-minute free consultation to determine the best next steps. And we also bundle packages for entry to mid level position searches to make it cost efficient.

Is it possible to share job postings without paying for recruitment services?

Yes, we have a slack channel where partners can post open jobs that they would like to have included in URL’s bi-weekly career newsletter. We provide free advertising for open jobs as a benefit to our partners.

Are there opportunities to receive philanthropic dollars from URL? 

Yes, URL has previously provided funding to partners. We will inform partners of any grant proposal that might include their organization as a named recipient prior to applying for funding.

Meet our partner organizations.

Members of URL Media include thirty two exceptional news outlets representing a diverse mix of culture, format, geography and audience.

Paulette Brown-Hinds PhD

Black Voice News

“We share a common mission to amplify diverse voices and perspectives, particularly within communities of color. We remain excited to be a member of the URL Media network, sharing our high quality content, leveraging our diverse audience, and importantly sharing revenue.”

Garry Pierre-Pierre

Founder & Publisher
The Haitian Times

“I had no hesitation whatsoever when Mitra asked me to join the nascent group. URL is a place where members can be vulnerable at the same time feel supported and strengthened. We all shared the same mission of empowering our communities and each other.”

Levi Rickert

Native News Online

“Native News Online has been part of URL for going on two years. We have found being part of URL has been beneficial to our publication through a unique collaboration that allows us to interact with other BIPOC news organizations that are progressive and inspiring. Our monthly interaction with URL’s members and staff has proven to be one of the best times of month because we always leave the meeting with valuable information.”