Blackness is expansive. From the vibrant global diaspora, to the giants of Black history, we celebrate a people who refuse to be limited. Throughout this February, URL Media will be uplifting stories from our partners that reflect the expansiveness of Blackness — from our origins to the present. We hope you will join us in enjoying these stories of joy, history, and identity, including the present day realities of what it means to be Black.

Presented by Still Paying the Price

  1. Immigrantly Tracing the Roots of American Food (with Stephen Satterfield

2. Still Paying the Price The Remarkable Journey of Josiah Henson

3. Still Paying the Price Meet Another NASA “Hidden Figure”: Cynthia Vernón, PhD: Mathematician, Microbiologist, and NASA Trailblazer

4. Still Paying the Price The Unfinished Story of Alex Manly’s “The Daily Record”

5. WURD National Geographic Explorer Tara Roberts uncovers the deep history of the transatlantic slave trade as it follows a group of Black divers helping document slave shipwrecks.

6. Black History Year (Push Black) Legacy of the Black Messiah with Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.

7. Black History Year (Push Black) The Black Protest Calendar and the Creation of Black Holidays with Dr. Keith Mayes

8. Epicenter NYC Uncovering the Legacy of America’s First Black Generals with Doug Melville

9. Our Body Politic The Censorship of Black History and its Impact on Students, Teachers, and Society

More content:

10.  URL Media’s Twice as Good: A Conversation on ‘Origin’, Caste Systems, and Racial Dynamics

11. WURD Victor Glover Jr. is the first African American to serve on an extended mission aboard the International Space Station for NASA.

12. WURD interviews legendary author Alice Walker on her book “Gathering Blossoms Under Fire.”

13. Epicenter NYC Anita Hill discusses Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination

14. Our Body Politic Building Black Wealth through Reparations, Restoration and Information

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