Client: A major shoe apparel brand 

Goal: In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, the client was seeking an authentic way to celebrate Indigenous stories, while encouraging BIPOC audiences to share in the narrative storytelling effort. Simultaneously, the client was promoting the upcoming additional release of an extended line of shoes and apparel reflecting the Indigenous community. 

Through this campaign, the client aimed to help the Indigenous community to feel seen, heard, and valued by bringing mass awareness to the stories of Indigenous culture and their new line, through sport. 

Approach: URL partnered with Native News Online, the largest digital outlet for Native Americans in the U.S. We worked to help spread awareness of the client’s new line to the masses, and tell fun and inspiring womxn-led, intergenerational stories, while changing the perception of the Indigenous community back to its original roots. 


  • Improved reach and engagement with the client’s new apparel clothing brand through several online placements
  • Website takeover, E-news takeover and native ads resulted in over 1m impressions in support of Indigenous People’s Month and Indigenous stories 
  • Social media posts were provided as bonus which increased engagement from the Gen Z audience