For this week’s edition of The Intersection, we asked the URL Media team to share with us what they’re excited about creating in 2024. Here are their answers.
I’m looking forward to continuing my JSK Fellowship at Stanford and deepening my relationships with my amazing 2024 cohort; working with my team at WURD Radio to build our election coverage where Philadelphia’s Black community will play a central role in determining the outcome of this critical swing state; and deepening our work at URL Media, where we are launching a non-profit to help build a more vibrant and sustainable BIPOC media ecosystem.— Sara Lomax, Co-founder and President
In 2024, I am looking forward to creating and amplifying elections coverage that centers people of color all year long, not just in the last week of October. — S. Mitra Kalita, Co-founder and CEO
I’m looking forward to creating more space for self care and being more intentional about how I want to start and end my day by building in a couple of new habits.— Ellah Nze, Director of Operations
I’m looking forward to spending more time exploring the outdoors here in Colorado by skiing, hiking, and backpacking!— Janelle Zagala, Chief of Staff
I’m looking forward to making time and space for new insights — both personally and professionally. My best ideas, solutions and fastest growth (ironically) comes from the gift of a pause. I’m looking forward to taking a few more of those in 2024.— Melanie Figueiredo, Vice President of Advertising and Sponsorships
As the lead of our recruitment division in 2024, I am excited to create more meaningful experiences for employers to connect with, learn from, and attract top talent from underrepresented communities — in workplaces across industries.— Leonor Ayala, Chief of Recruitment and Business Development
I look forward to collaborating with our partners and the URL team in 2024. This upcoming year might be a rollercoaster ride (hello, election year!), and having a community within our URL network will be crucial and essential during this time.— Maria Hernandez, Advertising Sales Coordinator
As a fully remote company, I’m certainly enthusiastic about spending more in-person time with our team, working on editorial projects that light me up, defining who our audience is and building camaraderie among our partners.— Ariam Alula, Audience Manager
In 2024, I’m excited about collaborating with the URL team and partners IRL. The creative collaboration and energy feeds me on multiple levels.— Shreen Khan, Senior Video Producer
I’m excited about continuing to grow and contribute to communities important to me: job seekers and employers who want to do right by their colleagues, and young readers for my first book that’s publishing in June!

— Sonali Kohli, Senior Recruiter
As for me, I’m really proud of the work I’ve done this past year with URL Media, and I’m looking forward to continuing to share stories from across the network with you, our readers, and growing my own hyperlocal newsroom.

I hope you’re able to spend some time this weekend reflecting on the year that was, while setting intentions for the year ahead. See you in 2024 🎇 — Alicia Ramirez

Uplift. Respect. Love.

Alicia Ramirez authors URL Media's Friday newsletter and pens our Saturday newsletter, The Intersection. She is also founder of The Riverside Record, a community-first, nonprofit digital newsroom serving people living and working in Riverside County, California.