January 8, 2024 – New York, NY – Ishena Robinson, formerly the editorial director for the Legal Defense Fund, has joined URL Media as its Editorial Director. The announcement was made jointly by URL Co-founders S. Mitra Kalita and Sara M. Lomax, CEO and publisher of Epicenter-NYC and president and CEO of WURD Radio, respectively.

As Editorial Director, Robinson will oversee the URL network’s political coverage in this presidential election year as one of her primary responsibilities. In her role, she will also amplify the content across URL’s consortium of 27 Black and Brown-owned media organizations and its collective audience of 27 million users.

“URL Media has an admirable mission that couldn’t be more urgent in this time in our collective history,” Robinson said. “URL Media’s emphasis on more locally-owned media that serves primarily BIPOC audiences brings the news back to the source–people, their communities, and their needs. That perspective excites me.”

URL Media (which stands for Uplift, Respect and Love) was founded in 2021 with the goal to build a decentralized, multi-platform network of high-performing Black and Brown media organizations. The members consist of exceptional news outlets representing a diverse mix of culture, format, geography and audience that amplify each other’s content and share revenues as a way to build greater sustainability for BIPOC media.

CONTACT: David W. Brown at David@commonsoulcomm.org

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