Client: Global Consulting Firm

Goal: Increase and drive diverse traffic and engagement with the firm’s free app.

Approach: URL created and launched a unique multi-platform messaging campaign across banner ads, social media posts, newsletters, sponsored content and a podcast.


  • Over the course of the campaign, we over delivered audience by 312%
  • Client was bonused on multiple media platforms:
    • 4 additional newsletters
    • (8) podcast spots and 2,527 podcast downloads
    • 63,185 ROS impressions 
    • 200k social media impressions 
    • 300k newsletter opens throughout the campaign 
  • 6 publishers of color funded
  • Audiences reached: Black, Indigenous, Asian, Immigrant, Intersectional & Working Mothers 
  • Due to the high engagement rate, the client renewed the campaign for an additional quarter