URL Media, a decentralized, multi-platform network of high-performing Black and Brown media companies, is pioneering a revolutionary approach to valuing local news content across the media landscape. Our lens prioritizes community engagement over clicks, responsiveness over CTRs, and behavioral changes that uplift communities of color while honoring an advertiser’s need for scale. We seek a new approach to quantifying the value of diverse owned-and-led media.

As the media industry grapples with mounting challenges, URL is on a mission to champion diverse voices and change the way advertisers invest in multicultural communities, addressing a range of critical barriers to sales opportunities within the media landscape. These barriers include an overall decline in promised advertising revenue to Black, Indigenous and Brown publications, the historic underfunding of BIPOC media at large, unfulfilled DEI initiatives, and ongoing challenges for brands who want to reach direct ethnic audiences in a turn-key way.

How is our network doing things differently? We transform the narrative of how valuable local news organizations are to advertising campaigns. We prove our ability to connect with hard-to-reach media consumers. We back community journalism partners who authentically resource and uplift their respective audiences.

We’re integrating a tool into the media buying conversation, that tells a different kind of story to advertisers and media buyers. Typically so reliant on the ad tech industry to help develop a story of success for advertising clients, we are giving agencies and brands another perspective that truly reflects how crucial local news media is to the advertising ecosystem. As we pitch, we consistently share the impact that our media partners have on their collective communities, and why we deserve an ongoing and unwavering commitment from media buyers and brands. We believe in unveiling a new kind of audience currency: The Currency of Impact.

A network created to
uplift, respect and love
the communities we serve.