Editorial Director

We are a network of high-performing Black and Brown media outlets around the country (with global aspirations) set up to share content, audiences, revenues and best practices. We seek a leader to help us plot the next phase of our growth and help scale our newsroom, partner newsrooms and collective audiences. 

About you: 

You are a news and information hound, squarely focused on connecting content to audiences wherever they are, however they’re consuming. You believe the role of community media is to serve and don’t waste a lot of time on debates over objectivity or distance. You center Black and Brown people in your journalism and in your life. You are an excellent journalist, manager, decision-maker, collaborator. Your lens skews towards upholding URL’s key tenets for the BIPOC community: uplift, respect and love.  

The job oversees many aspects of URL Media’s expansion. You will be a member of the Executive Leadership team. As such, you will coordinate with partner newsrooms, brainstorm angles on news stories, features and investigative pieces, assign them within our network or contract the resources needed to execute. 

You will oversee a social media producer and the curation and placement of our stories. 

You are responsible for the newsletter we publish weekly and its growth and eventual increase in frequency. 

You will work with the leadership team to conceptualize how we maximize existing URL products (newsletter, Apple News Channel, PBS show, website) and develop new product offerings to help expand our audience and our partners’ audiences.

Responsibilities include:

  • Create editorial strategy for URL, leveraging content from partner organizations as well as producing original content, reporting and writing
  • Work with our advertising, operations, recruitment and people-management arms as the key editorial voice of URL Media
  • Setting policies and news agenda; what will we cover and how are we different? 
  • Developing and overseeing execution of an audience strategy for URL Media
  • Implementing processes around internal and external communications, CRM and other related technology platforms
  • Ensuring we are an inclusive newsroom and workplace
  • Identify potential new BIPOC media partners to expand the URL Network
  • Available for monthly in-person meetings (and others as mutually agreed) 


Relevant skills include:

  • News judgment
  • Experience with multiplatform journalism: Video, audio, print, digital, newsletters, Tik Tok doesn’t scare you. 
  • Excellent management chops; you can give tough feedback and get it too
  • Excellent grammar and diction; you know the difference between there and their
  • Creature of the internet; you still see value in news coming at you from all angles, feeds, places
  • Tech savvy: You can be in a CMS and assign photos and think digitally, visually, audience-centric. 


Benefits include but not limited to:

  • We pay 100% of health insurance premiums for you and your family, including dental, vision, short and long term disability.
  • 9 paid holidays
  • Generous paid time off at 20 days a year in addition to sick and personal days
  • Allowance for home office equipment and training opportunities
  • Flexibility in location and time zone where you work within the United States


Salary: $125,000+ 

Location: Remote

If interested, please email us a cover letter outlining your interest in the role and a cv (or your LinkedIn profile or website) to hello@url-media.com

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